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Bye Summer 2018!

You can probably tell by the fact that we completely neglected our blog posts (oops sorry...) that we had a very busy Spring and Summer this year! My word, what a wonderful whirlwind it was! We were soooo lucky with the weather weren't we? We had to pitch and unload as early in the morning as venues would let us so that we had a chance of a cooling off break before starting creches!

Well we have just finished our last outdoor bookings so no more Bell Tents will be out until around April 2019, they deserve a very long break for doing so well! They've been home to many Mini VIPs for wedding days, corporate parties, birthday slumber parties and have kept everyone warm, dry, cosy and all of the children were absolutely in awe at all of the treasures and fun inside!

Please nobody mention the annual dreaded cleaning of them... Not.... quite..... ready... for... that..!

So far we are 34 bookings down and we're now busy prepping for our Autumn/winter Wedding Creches, Play Dens, Event Nanny bookings and a couple of kids parties. So we better get cracking, can't wait!!!


Peace out party people, it's time to find a matching pair of boots, steal your man's hat, gloves, scarf (just me?) and kick up some leaves! Don't forget to go conker hunting too- we just got a kitten called Pip and she LOVES them! x

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