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Meet the South West Supplier | May 2017

So here is our May blog post... right at the very end of May! I guess you can tell it's the start of the wedding season hey?!

We have had so many enquiries and confirmed bookings for wedding childcare and children's parties of late that our to-do list has become longer than both of Elle Macpherson's legs. This unfortunately means that non-essential work such as blogging has to take a bit of a back seat :( But lucky for us we have a fantastic group of local businesses who we can call upon to keep our website exciting and to tell us all about being fantastic suppliers in the glorious South West!

This month we are featuring a Bath based, award-winning cake makers who even made my last birthday cake and let me tell you something...

IT WAS MAGICAL!!! Just look at her!

Not only was my Unicorn cake absolutely beautiful to look at but it was seriously delicious. I honestly didn't want to share one bit.

Want to know where you can get an amazing cake like this for your birthday? Or after a jaw dropping wedding cake?

Well, let us introduce to you May's Supplier of the Month... Bath Cake Company!



Tell us about your company and what services you provide.

Award winning cake designer Celia Adams, founded Bath Cake Company in 2010 and has since become one of Bath’s leading cake producers. Celia and her small creative team provide bespoke celebration cakes for all occasions, from weddings and birthdays to anniversaries, hen parties and corporate events. Wedding cake consultations can be made by appointment to discuss ideas and have a taste of our cakes, all at no cost. Celia and her team will work closely with you to create a gorgeous and unique design for your special day, and our lovely consultation room is designed to inspire you with a selection of our wedding cakes on display. Along with its bespoke celebration cake service, you can also enjoy a selection of cake decorating classes in Bath Cake Company’s Decorating School. Our classes are designed for beginners to advanced students so there's something for everyone, and we also offer kids classes, children's parties and hen parties.



How long have you been working in this field and how did you get into it?

Bath Cake Company turned 7 years old in January which is really exciting - who knows where that time's gone! I've always loved baking and being creative, and luckily the two go well together. I started going to some local cake decorating classes and never expected it to turn in to a business like it has, so I'd always encourage people to give things a go because you never know where a new hobby can take you.

Who are your typical customers, weddings or the event industry?

We have a wide range of customers, from students looking to learn more sugarcraft and chocolate themed skills at our Cake Decorating School, to customers looking to buy a celebration cake, whether it's for a wedding, birthday, christening, anniversary or corporate event.

What sets you aside from the rest and what do your customers say about you?

Having a shop front means our customers can pop in to chat about their cake design, and if it's for a wedding, they can book a complimentary consultation and tasting with us, giving them the chance to discuss options. It also gives them the confidence in us that we will create a cake that's extra special for their celebration. We receive a lot of great feedback about our customer service, how delicious our cakes and how gorgeous they look which is lovely.



What do you enjoy most about what you do and what can be the toughest part?

It's so lovely creating bespoke wedding cakes and celebration cakes as they're completely unique to each customer. The hardest thing is usually when it starts getting warmer, which is great when you can get outside and enjoy it, but not so great when you're trying to cover a cake with buttercream and sugarpaste and they get too hot!

What are your favourite trends and what is getting you excited in your industry for 2017?

Rustic wedding cakes are still really popular, from 'naked' to 'semi naked' and buttercream finish cakes, decorated with lots of fresh fruit and fresh flowers. They look beautiful and are perfect for all seasons! We're also seeing a lot of gold popping up, from gold leaf to an air brushed finish, which looks gorgeous as it adds an extra 'wow' factor to the wedding cake.



If you could give one piece of advice to someone planning an event/wedding, what would it be?

Don't leave your planning too late, especially the cake. We get booked up anywhere from a year to 18 months in advance (we already have December 2018 wedding cakes booked) but it's easy to leave your wedding cake to the last minute.

If you could give one piece of advice to similar suppliers starting out, what would it be?

Give it a go and start shouting about what you do. Friends and family are the perfect people to help you get your business off the ground as there's always a birthday to celebrate and make a cake for, and this can lead to making cakes for lots more celebrations. They're also brilliant at recommending you to their friends and family and word of mouth will bring new customers your way.

When you’re not working what would we most likely find you doing?

Depending on how much of a cake mood I'm in, there can be a few cake calories that need to be worked off so I enjoy exercising throughout the week. There are lots of parks in Bath so I often take my parents' dogs out for walks, and Sunday's are usually reserved for a roast with friends.

Last but not least, tell us something interesting or funny about what you do?

We get through over 300 free range eggs a week - that's a lot of cake!


Wow that's a lot of eggs! What an interesting read and thank goodness it's almost lunchtime because we are drooling over here!!

Thanks for stopping by Bath Cake Company! We hope one of our brides-to-be or birthday girl/boy is having one of your splendid cakes soon. Although maybe it's best we stay away from the cake all together... Otherwise we're going to have to run around hundreds of Mini VIPs to burn off all those calories!


01225 446094


Have a fabulous bank holiday everyone! We're back to back with bookings and the sun is shining YAY!!!

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